Welcome to Runewar Wiki.We are currently one of the very few 24/7 servers out there, during the tough times of the economy, we ensure you a very stable,safe way of playing Runewar, we have registered over 32,00 people to date with it growing every day. The server owner Danny, has coded the server from scratch for over 5 years, the server has currently achieved over 130 players online at once, with players around 24/7 with mutli-languages to ensure you have a welcomed stay at Runewar.


Runewar features:
Runewar is currently the only RuneScape private server that has all of these features - and if you don’t believe it, go check it out yourself ;)

-> PKing based - nearly perfect combat system
-> Perfectly balanced - not to easy to get gold, items and strong gear, but not too hard either.
-> User-friendly interfaces!
-> 100% Working bank tabs
-> Great economy
-> Helpful Staff
-> Highscores
-> Nex which drops Katagon, virtus
-> Clan chat with lootshare
-> Pest controlHelpful links:external image APXz83O.png
external image Wdt5cQL.png
external image GCnMJ5r.png
external image 1B9tLVh.png
external image qlR0dpZ.png
external image V5AGpa2.png
external image reBVcsA.png
external image qGINRb8.png
external image ZR5YyN0.png